FAQ - Embossing & Debossing

Looking to emboss or deboss to your next job? Use these guidelines to help with setting up your artwork.

•   Maximum paper size for embossing jobs: 14 x 22
•   Maximum image area for embossing jobs: 12 x 16

When setting up your files:

•   Vector art is preferred. Vector artwork is usually created in Adobe Illustrator and saved as an EPS file.
•   Art should be created at 100% (actual size)
•   All line art should display at 100% color; no screens or tints
•   Do not include masks
•   Convert all type to outlines
•   Use caution with very small images or letters. A minimum size of 8pt for most fonts. Tracking or kerning your type too tightly can result in poor image quality. It is better to set your type loosely and with more leading than you may normally use. This will allow for the width of the bevel.
•   If creating multi-level artwork, use different layers when creating your digital file. When saving a file with layers, the layer names should relate to the art and your dies.