For over 35 years, Best Image Printers has been printing thermography also referred to as raised printing. We offer both regular and laser safe thermography for your letterhead, envelopes, business cards, invitations and announcements. The thermography process applies a special powder to offset printing as it comes off the press. The powder adheres to the wet ink. The printed stock then passes through a heater which causes the powder to “rise” and create a look similar to engraving but without the expense.

Thermography can melt when passing through the heat of a laser printer or copier fuser unit. For stationery that will be used in laser printers, office printers or copiers, it is important to use laser safe thermography. Laser safe thermography uses a special heat-resistant powder that is designed specifically not remelt and smear the thermography as it exposed to the high temperatures of most laser printers and copier fuser units.

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